DC-DC Converters, AC-DC PFCs & Front End Protections


Gaia Converter is recognized as a Leading Manufacturer of High-Reliability DC-DC Converter products, PFC Front End modules and related input protection devices. Strongly focused on power modules, Gaia Converter has developed over 3500 off-the-shelf (COTS) solutions for a wide range of aerospace and military, transportation and industrial applications, from 4W to 350W or more.



Nov 12, 2014
new-20w-12-160vin-dc-dc-converterGaia Converter continues to expand it's Ultra Wide input voltage range DC-DC converter platform with the new 20W...
Jul 21, 2014
new-60-high-rel-11-160vin-dc-dc-converterThe new MGDD-60 series extends the unique 12:1 input range feature to High-Rel applications. Such input range makes...
Apr 12, 2014
new-60w-14-140vin-dc-dc-converterThe uniquely wide input voltage range of the new MGDDI-60 series make it an ideal solution for all transportation,...
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