100W DC/DC Module Wide Input : 10-100V

High-Reliability DC-DC ConverterGAIA Converter is pleased to introduce it's new family of 100W Hi-Rel grade module, the MGDM-100 series, dedicated for Avionics/Military applications. The MGDM-100 operates over an ultra wide permanent input range of 10-100 Vdc to greatly simplify design according to MIL-STD-704, MIL-STD-1275 or DO-160 requirements without need of front-end.

The series include 5 models with single output voltage from 3.3V up to 28 Vdc.  Key features include high efficiency achieved by using synchronous rectification for the output voltages lower than 5V, no opto-coupler used for reliability purpose, external synchronization through "Synch" function, -20% to +10% output voltage trimming, Sense function, Inhibit function, all protection functions (UVLO, OVLO, OCP OVP, OTP) allow safety designs.

The modules are packaged in a standard 3’’x2’’x0.5’’ metal case and are fully potted to ensure excellent thermal characteristics over the operating temperature range. The internal layout has been optimized to reduce the hot spots and to improve the reliability of the devices. The case has been also designed for In-board mounting offering 10.5mm height solution.
Please consult datasheet for further details.