300 Watt Power Hold Up: HUGD-300

High-Reliability Hold-Up Module

High-Reliability Hold-Up Module

Dimensions : 40.2 x 26.2 x 12.8 mm

Hi-Rel Models :

High-Reliability Hold-Up Module HUGD-300 Datasheet



• Uniquely compact module for power hold-up solutions up to 300W
• Reduce capacitance size by 80% or more
• Programmable Hold-Up capacitor voltage: 30 to 70Vdc.
• 8 to 100Vdc input voltage range
• High efficiency (98%)
• Embedded reverse polarity protection
• Monitoring signals included


The Gaia Converter Hold up device HUGD-300 provides a state-of-the-art solution to the problem of maintaining electronic system operational during input bus drop-out for 50ms, 200ms or more. The HUGD-300 module provides an alternative solution to reduce the amount of capacitance needed by charging the hold up capacitor at a high voltage (user settable between 31 and 70V) while limiting the input current.

The HUGD-300 is connected between the line source and DC/DC modules. Basically the HUGD-300 charges the external capacitor to the defined voltage while powering the DC/DC converters. If the power fails, the HUGD-300 generates a signal and the converters are powered from the external capacitor. The HUGD-300 can be used either with 16-80V or 9-45V input voltage DC/DC converters since the «power fail voltage» is externally adjustable by the user between 8V and 20V.

The HUGD-300 also integrates a low loss reverse polarity protection.

High-Reliability Hold-Up Module


Gaia's HUGD-300 High-Reliability Hold-Up module is designed for higher operating temperatures of -40 to +105°C (optional -55°C) for typical military & airborne applications:


Available Options (see specs for details):
• T = -55°C Start-Up Temperature
• S = Screening & Serialization

Modes of Operation

The HUGD-300 features 3 modes of operations:

Charging operation mode: When the input voltage ramps-up and reaches the start-up charge threshold (which is set at the «power fail voltage» value), the HUGD-300 begins to charge the external capacitor while powering the dc/dc converter. The charging current is controlled as it is a constant power charger. When the capacitor voltage reaches 90% of it’s final set value, the signal «capacitor charged» is activated and the HUGD-300 enters in the normal operation mode.

Normal operation mode: in normal operation mode when the capacitor is charged and the input bus is between the «power fail» and 100VDC, the HUGD-300 only consumes low power to keep the capacitor charged. The HUGD-300 operates indefinitely in this state until the input voltage drops below the «power fail voltage» threshold.

Power fail mode: when the input voltage drops below the «power fail voltage» threshold, a «power fail» signal is activated and the HUGD-300 disconnects input from output and connects the hold-up capacitor to the output. At this point the DC/DC converters are powered by the capacitor. When its voltage finally discharges to a value slightly above the «power fail voltage» threshold value, a «capacitor discharged» flag is activated.

3D/Step Files

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