About Us

What we do :

Gaia Converter is a global leader in field proven high reliability DC power modules.

With over 3500 part numbers, its DC-DC Converter, PFC Front End and related input protection product lines offer all necessary building bricks for complete modular High Reliability power supply architectures, from 4 to 350W or more.

Gaia Converter's global presence in 25 countries around the world through subsidiaries and local distributors ensures strong technical and sales support near you.

Where we come from :

Gaia Converter was founded in 1993 near Bordeaux, France, in the heart of the Aerospace Valley industrial cluster.

Ever since, the company has thrived exclusively in rugged environment applications and brought to the market its well known concept of Modular Power Architecture to allow simple design of complex power supplies.

Our values :

Managing internally the entire products life cycle has enabled Gaia Converter to provide state of the art product performance for the long run in this highly demanding worldwide industry.

Industry focus together with strong and steady R&D investments led to a uniquely intimate knowledge in the industry specificity, to provide ideal product for such architectures as well as dedicated technical support.

Fully equipped with thorough processes and tools, Gaia Converter's advanced design and development computer aided capabilities include :

• Circuit behavior simulation
• Thermal management
• Advanced packaging techniques
• Proprietary magnetic and ASIC design
• Environmental test
• Reliability evaluation

The skill and innovative spirit of our design team releases over 300 new products every year to cope with new technologies and market trends.

Gaia Converter’s manufacturing philosophy is based on full control over the entire process and has always been operating under ISO with current certification to the latest ISO9001 V2008 standard.

Through high standard processes and automated manufacturing capabilities, Gaia Converter delivers high quality products in a timely manner for the long run.


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