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Gaia Converter's quality system has always been in accordance to ISO 9000 standards and has been certified to the latest ISO 9001 v2015 standard. This standard is now used as a platform for developing a greater appreciation of the quality required by our customers. Also, most internal procedures include AS 9100 requirements to address the aerospace industry specificity.

Our success in this area is recognized by independent approval agencies such as Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and has resulted in approved and preferred supplier status at major electronics companies.

However quality is not a static objective and Gaia Converter is continuously improving in this field:

Design for Product Reliability :

In order to provide reliable products, Gaia Converter has always maintained stringent specifications with the aid of the most advanced theoretical and experience feedback tools including :

  • Stress analysis : Gaia Converter products undergo stress analysis and charged factors for each single component used in our products.
  • MTBF : Gaia Converter calculations are done according to the MIL-HDBK-217F, RIAC-HDBK-217Plus, IEC62380 methods with conservative quality and environment factors.
  • Accelerated stress analysis : all Gaia Converter new designs are submitted to accelerate stress (thermal chocks, thermal cycling, humidity) to analyze reliability.
  • Failure Analysis : every product returned for failure during operation is carefully analyzed and failure cause monitored.

Manufacturing with Statistical Method for Prevention :

To manufacture high-quality products, the monitoring at the end of the production process is not enough. Quality has also to be “ designed-in ” during process and production process. This is achieved by means of appropriate measurements and tools among them Gaia Converter has implemented :

  • Statistical Process Control (SPC) for key process parameters all along the manufacturing flow. By using SPC, Gaia Converter can establish very quickly deviations from process goal. This allow control of the process parameters run out of specified limits for prevention and ensure a process durability.
  • Average Outgoing Quality (AOQ) All products manufactured are 100 % tested for acceptance or rejection. The results of this inspection are recorded and monitored carefully.
  • Statistical Product Monitoring (SPM) All products parameters are recorded to statistically monitor the average deviation

Customer Audits :

Gaia Converter welcomes customer quality audits or independent quality audits on behalf of customers. We have already been audited by independent organization such as Qualifas acting for european aerospace companies, LCIE acting for UL approval, and major electronics companies from around the world.



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