World Class Manufacturing :

All GAIA Converter modules are manufactured within fully automated integrated assembly lines. From the very beginning with pick and place SMD operation to the final automated potting and test operation there is no manual operations and cycle interrupts which is a guaranty for full repeatability and control.

Internally controlled processes and automation ensures repeatable high quality products in a timely fashion, reducing lead-times and product field failures.

This integrated assembly line include state of the art equipment :
• Pick and place SMD Line
• Infra red reflow oven
• Automatic potting
• Automated test equipment

Gaia Converter has optimized all its modules pick and place operation to be able to manufacture any one of the standard products off of the same machine load. This speeds up manufacturing of small batches of one part and/or large batches of another without the need to re-configure.

Screenings :

The assembly line is completed by screening equipments to address specific product grades, options and qualifications, these equipments include :
• Climatic chambers
• Thermal shocks chambers
• Vibration cycling equipment...

Statistical Quality Control :

Statistical controls complement this integrated assembly line to ensure that the product manufactured is of the highest quality. They include:
• Statistical Process Control (SPC)
• Statistical Product Monitoring (SPM)
• Average Outgoing Quality Data (AOQ)

Parameters such as solder-paste thickness, reflow oven temperature, component placement, cleanliness, product performance are also statistically analyzed and charted to keep the assembly lines under constant control.



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