80 Watt DC-DC Converter : MGDD-80  Series

High-Reliability DC-DC Converter



 Dimensions : 48.5 x 40.7 x 12.7 mm

Hi-Rel Models :

High-Reliability DC-DC Converter 80W High-Rel

Complementary Front-Ends :

Transient Protection
EMI Filters
Hold-Up Module
AC-DC Front end



• Ultra wide input range 9-60 Vdc.
• Flexible isolated dual outputs.
• High efficiency over the entire range (typ. 92%)
• Soft start
• Galvanic isolation 1.500 VDC
• Integrated LC input filter
• Permanent short circuit protection
• External synchronisation
• External trim adjustment : -20/+10%
• No optocoupler for high reliability


The MGDD-80 ultra wide input series designates a full family of DC/DC power modules with a permanent ultra wide input voltage range of 9-60 volts designed for use in distributed power architecture where variable input voltage and transient are prevalent making them ideal particularly for avionics and military applications.

The MGDD-80 is designed for applications where high power density is a must.The MGDD-80 series is compliant with DO160 and MIL-STD-704 transient voltage without additional voltage limiter.

The series includes dual output voltage choices individually isolated of 2 x 5 volts , 2 x 12 volts, 2 x 15 volts and 2 x 24 volts with easy configurability.

All the modules are designed with LC network filters to minimize reflected input current ripple. The modules include a soft-start, an input undervoltage lock-out, a permanent short circuit protection and an output overvoltage limitation to ensure efficient module protections. The soft-start allows current limitation and eliminates inrush current during startup. The short circuit protection completely protects the modules against short-circuits of any duration by a shut-down and restores to normal when the overload is removed.

The modules are potted with a bi-component thermal conductive compound to ensure optimum power dissipation under harsh environmental conditions.



Gaia's MGDD-80 Series of High-Reliability DC-DC Converters are designed for higher operating temperatures of -40 to +105°C (optional -55°C) with input ranges required for typical military & airborne applications.

All Hi-Rel models come standard with On/Off function (/M option only for Industrial models).

Available Options (see specs for details):
• T = -55°C Start-Up Temperature
• S = Screening & Serialization

# of Outputs
9-60 VDC
Dual (isolated)
2 x 5V
T, S
9-60 VDC
Dual (isolated)
2 x 12V
T, S
9-60 VDC
Dual (isolated)
2 x 15V
T, S
9-60 VDC
Dual (isolated)
2 x 24V
T, S

9-60V extended range also available, please contact factory. Please contact us if you need different input / output voltages.

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MGDD-80 Series

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