Hold Up Modules


Gaia Converter Hold up devices provide a state-of-the-art solution to the problem of maintaining electronic system operational during input bus drop-out. Usually this approach uses very large capacitors because they are only charged at the voltage at which power fails.

The Gaia Converter HUGD series provides an alternative solution to reduce the amount of capacitance needed by charging the hold up capacitor at a high voltage value. The device is connected between the input line source bus and DC/DC modules. The HUGD series features 3 main modes of operations:

Charging operation mode: When the input voltage ramps-up and reaches the charge threshold (which is set at the «power fail voltage» value), the module charges the external capacitor while powering the dc/dc converter. When the capacitor reaches 90% of it’s final set value, the signal «capacitor charged» is activated and enters in the normal operation.

Normal operation mode: in normal operation mode when the capacitor is charged, the module is basically transparent, it only consumes low power to keep the capacitor charged, operating indefinitely in this state until the input voltage drops below the «power fail voltage» threshold.

Power fail mode: when the input voltage drops below the «power fail voltage» threshold, a «power fail» signal is activated and the module disconnects input from output and connects the hold-up capacitor to the output. When its voltage finally discharges to a value slightly above the «power fail voltage» threshold value, a «capacitor discharged» flag is activated.

All modules are manufactured in a fully automated process to guaranty high quality and fully tested with automated test equipment. Select from one of the available modules below:

Grade *
Input voltage Range
50 Watts
9-40 VDC
300 Watts
8-100 VDC


150 Watts
9-60 VDC

* = Hi-Rel Grade    /     = Industrial Grade


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