New MGRI Series


MGRI Series

New 20W, 40W, 80W with 12:1 input voltage range DC-DC converter with re-inforced isolation from GAIA Converter covers all Railway bus voltages at once:

GAIA Converter releases 3 new families of ultra-wide input voltage range DC/DC Converters with 3 KVrms re-inforced isolation targeting Railway, Transportation & High-end industrial applications.

The MGRI-20, MGRI-40 and MGRI-80 Series with 12-160V input voltage range are ideal to cover all typical battery/bus voltages (24V, 36V, 48V, 72V, 96V, 110V, 125V) with the same device to cope with EN50155 or equivalent standards.

The series with re-inforced isolation (i.e. 2 isolation barriers from input to output) are designed according to EN62368-1 safety standard at 3KVrms and tested at 4,25 KVdc.

With 2 isolated outputs (for parallel, serial or symmetrical operation) of 5V, 12V and 15V, they can cover a wide variety of needs such as single 5 to 32V output or symmetrical ± 5 to ± 15V.

Packaged in a low profile 0.4"/0.5" and 1”x1.5”, 1,4"x1.8" and 1.8"x2" housing, the MGRI-20, MGRI-40 and MGRI-80 Series have a wide temperature range of -40°C to +100°C and are potted to perform under rugged Transportation environmental conditions.

The units are protected with zero to full load regulation, Trim & On/Off capability, adjustable UVLO, soft start, embedded EMI filter as well as over-current.

The converters show a superior MTBF figure thanks to their loop circuit regulation that leverages magnetic feedback instead of traditional optocouplers.


Click here to access to the product page of the MGRI-20 Series

Click here to access to the product page of the MGRI-40 Series

Click here to access to the product page of the MGRI-80 Series


New MGDM-250 Series


250W Quarter Brick Format DC/DC Converter MGDM-250 Series

GAIA Converter is pleased to announce a new Quarter Brick DC/DC Converter Series : THE MGDM-250 Series

Brand new High Reliability grade 1/4 Brick 250W DC/DC Converter for mission critical applications.

This new converter is available in a 9-36Vdc input range with 5, 12, 15 and 24Vdc voltage output, and sustains a 40Vdc / 100ms Transient.
The single output features a voltage trim range of + or - 10%.
The synchronization as an option to design highly optimized distributed power architectures.

With an efficiency up to 91% and its numerous features such as Undervoltage Lock-Out, Over-Voltage Protection, IMS to ease thermal management, etc. the MGDM-250 Series brings solution to the Brick Medium Power product range of Gaïa Converter.

Click here to access to the product page of the MGDM-250 Series


GAIA Converter New Premises

Gaia Converter is happy to announce the opening of its new headquarters at 18 rue Caroline Aigle BP 26 33186 Le Haillan, Cedex - France.

This new state of the art facility will allow us to continue focusing on what is really important to us: our customers.

New Application Notes : MPGS-14A


Discover the 3 manners to synchronize the start-up sequence of several MPGS-14A : 

  • Coïncident sequencing
  • Ratiometric sequencing
  • Offset sequencing

Take a look at our new Application Notes : Multiple voltage sequencing with MPGS-14A

The MPGS-14-E-B is a non isolated converter for use in local voltage conversion. It can be used alone directly in front of a power input bus or in conjunction with isolated DC/DC converters for local low voltage conversion.

The MPGS-14-E-B features a very wide input range from 4.5 to 36 Vdc and an adjustable output from 1.2Vdc to 24 Vdc with 14A or 260 max power.
The product is housed in a tiny 1" x 0.75" package with low profile 0.3".

New MGDI-164



GAIA Converter extends his Series Quarter Brick Format with the new : MGDI-164.

The new MGDI-164 Series is designating an Industrial Grade family of Quarter Brick products with 160W power.
Designed for applications in harsh environment, this family is ideal for transportation, railways or high-end industrial applications.

You will find here the new MGDI-164 product page.

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